What's going on...

Spring 2021

It's been so quiet, Oh so quiet. 

Well, it's not the whole truth. Since there are no live shows we've been composing new music. It's been actually a really creative spring :) Also a few livestreams and outdoor gigs coming in the near future! 

I've also released three albums, go and check them out!

Dorothy Polonium: Psychoccult

Räsynukke: Metsien tuolle puolen

Noumena: Anima

The covid situation has of course affected a lot in my everyday life and for example most of the liveshows have been cancelled. But luckily there are many ways to make music and I’ve been actually quite busy with new releases coming from 3 my bands. 

Tour pics:

Eastern Europe, Japan, the Baltics, China 2018 and 2019, Israel