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Fall 2020

8.8.2020 Dorothy Polonium - Private Festival

15.8.2020 Räsynukke - Mahdollisuuksien tori

15.8.2020 Räsynukke - Poppari

22.8.2020 Private party

28.8.2020 Noumena - Ylävesien Yö

13.9.2020 Räsynukke - Herttufolk

19.9.2020 Dorothy Polonium -Lutakko

New albums:

1.9.2020 Dorothy Polonium Album release 

4.9.2020 Noumena Album release 

8.12.2020 Räsynukke Album release

The covid situation has of course affected a lot in my everyday life and for example most of the liveshows have been cancelled. But luckily there are many ways to make music and I’ve been actually quite busy with new releases coming from 3 my bands. 

Tour pics:

Eastern Europe, Japan, the Baltics, China 2018 and 2019, Israel

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