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Complete Vocal Institute, 3 -year Singer/ Teacher Diploma Course Teachers ia Cathrine Sadolin, Ulrik Elhom, Michelle Sanders, Kaare Thøgersen


Bachelor's degree in music pedagogy, pop/jazz-singing

Teachers ia Maija Hapuoja, Kaija Kivioja and Sini Spoof


Musician, pop/jazz- singing

Teachers ia Maija Hapuoja ja Tanja Salonen


Master's degree in arts, music education

Master’s degree in education, classroom teacher


"I love weird sounds, sun and  dogs."

"Besides teaching at Gradia, I keep myself busy composing music and performing in various bands ranging from argentine tango to metal music. Some of the groups are also performing abroad. I've been touring in China, Japan, Israel and Europe. I've recorded several albums and I'm active in the music scene of Jyväskylä."

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